Ubuntu Version and type (32 or 64 bits)

Current installed version of Ubuntu
cat /etc/issue

To know if you have installed Ubuntu 32 or 64 bits:
uname -m

If it shows i686 or i386 it is the 32 bits version.
If it shows x86_64 it it is the 64 bit version.

If the CPU is a 32bit CPU you can only install the 32 bit version of Ubuntu.
If the CPU is a 64bit CPU you can install the 64 or 32 bit versino of Ubuntu.

To know if the CPU is 32 or 64 bits:
grep -w lm /proc/cpuinfo

If we see lm in red it is a 64 bit CPU.
sudo lshw | grep “description: CPU” -A 12 | grep width

This should output the CPU width (32 or 64bits)

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